Tax and Accounting Specialists
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The QuickBooks family of accounting software solutions has led the market for closely-held businesses for several years because it is intuitive to use, competitively priced and provides the essential financial information for your business.

However, no accounting package can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality. John L. Fulcher CPA and his staff are trained to assist you with all aspects of Quickbooks accounting, from initial setup to troubleshooting when you have questions later.

Our team will assist you in setting up QuickBooks properly to empower you to manage your bookkeeping, control your cash flow and simplify your life at tax time.We will also work with you after you get going to be sure you know how to use the information provided by Quickbooks.

Our QuickBooks services include:

  • Assistance selecting the most appropriate QuickBooks edition with key features for your business needs
  • Customized set-up of your business' QuickBooks file
  • Training on how best to utilize the program for your needs
  • Assistance on how to use key features to save you time
  • Preparation of adjusting journal entries for your financial statements
  • Analysis of your business' financial data and financial statements

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