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If you have employees, you have payroll responsibilities. Even a one person corporation must file timely returns and process timely payments. And the failure to file properly and pay on time causes IRS headaches for small businesses more than any other issue.

There are three options to payroll processing

  • Do-it-yourself – requires annual software updates, monthly and quarterly returns, electronic payments, exposure to penalties and interest fees.
  • National Payroll Service (ADP/Paychex) impersonal, inflexible, costly
  • John L. Fulcher CPA - We offer the same services as the “big guys,” but with the perspective of a small business. We know you by name and adjust to your needs. And we probably charge less.

For a surprisingly affordable fee per pay period, here's what we provide:

Your Payroll -- Simplified and Customized -- Not A Cookie Cutter Solution

  • Employees paid Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly,  Salary, Hourly, Piece or Commission
  • Payment by check or direct deposit
  • Payroll Journals
  • Employee Earnings Reports
  • Federal Tax Deposits paid via EFTPS
  • State withholding paid via internet or paper check(depending upon state)
  • State Unemployment calculated and filed quarterly
  • Federal 941’s filed electronically quarterly
  • Federal 940’s filed electronically yearly
  • Employee W-2s
  • Yearly W-3 and employer W-2s filed electronically
  • Garnishment remittance
  • Sec 125 Deferrals and elective deductions
  • 401(k) Employer Match Contribution
  • Vacation Accruals
  • Sick time Accurals
  • Workmen’s Compensation Tracking and Audit Assistance


Using our payroll service allows you to focus on your business. We provide not only service, we provide peace of mind.